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Charco Azul Tour with Ellis.jpg
CHARCO AZUL (The Blue Pool) and GUAVATE (The Pork Highway)

This is my favorite rain forest tour, and in my opinion the best, as it offers something for everyone. If you are interested in a beautiful and not too strenuous hike through the rain forest, this is the trip for you. We will walk to Charco Azul where you can swim or just enjoy the beauty of the indigenous jungle plants. From there we will go to the world famous town of Guavate where you can partake of the best roast pig in the world. We will go to Andrew Zimmern's favorite resturant - you'll even see his picture on the wall! This is a tour of the real Puerto Rico that most tourists never get to see.


The cost is $75 per person, cash only, minimum $225. Food not included.

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Charco Frio Tour with Ellis.jpg


This tour is part of the El Yunque tour but not in the national park. This swimming hole is located in the rainforest on the back side of El Yunque mountain, and it's definitely one of the most beautiful pools on the island. You can swim and jump from a rope swing and try out a unique natural water slide. It's a more strenuous hike of about 20 minutes with a climb down some rocks to get to the pool. On the way we stop at the Basillo House where you can change and use the facilities. After returning from Charco Frio groups of 6 or more can have a delicious meal prepared for them by Mrs. Basillo ($20 per person). We will take the Beach Road back to San Juan and stop for food along the way. The cost is $85 per person, cash only, minimum $255. Food not included.


This tour is not available on Saturdays.

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Coca Falls Tours With Ellis.jpg

This is the part of the rain forest most popular among tourists, as it is a historic and beautiful piece of the island. We will stop at Coco Falls and from there Yokahu Tower, then continue up to Mt. Britton and Jurassic Drive (my name for it). I will then take you to a local place to swim (conditions permitting) and feed the fish. From El Yunque we will take the beach road back to San Juan and stop for lunch. *Subject to availability of reservation*

Cost is $75 per person, cash only, minimum $225. Food not included.

This tour can also be combined with a zip line adventure.

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