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This is just a small taste of the amazing tours I offer. If you'd like to learn more, email or text me.

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Puerto Rico has over 28,000 acres of forest with many places to choose from. That's why I offer 3 different rainforest tours.

Mango Daiquiri tour participant holding two delicious iced mango drinks



This is my favorite tour. It covers a lot of the east coast of Puerto Rico, making it available only to those who have 6 to 7 hours available to spend sightseeing.

This tour will take you where you will see some of the most spectacular views in Puerto Rico. We will travel down the east coast hundreds of feet over the beautiful Caribbean sea. From there we go down to the south coast, visit the lighthouse at Punta Tuna Nature Reserve in Maunabo, and then to the beautiful Tranquilidad restaurant on the water, where they will make you a Mango Daiquiri 100% from fresh mangoes. If you're lucky, you might spot a manatee! You will then go to the Rain Forest at Charco Azul (Blue Pool). From there you will travel up the mountains to the heart of the Sierra de Cayey mountain range arriving to the wonderful town known as "La Ruta de Lechon". There we will stop and have roast pig on the spit, or anything else you desire. I will take you to Andrew Zimmern's favorite restaurant in Puerto Rico - you will even see his picture on the wall. On weekends there are live salsa bands in Guavate. From there it's back to your hotel. This is truly a trip to remember. $95 per person cash only, minimum $285.


The tour is only available Wednesday through Sunday.

or text (267)254-5555

From your ship we go to The Botanical and Cultural Gardens in Caguas where you will see beautiful gardens and experience the historical culture of Puerto Rico. This is a very well designed Botanical Garden spread out over 60 acres, with beautiful ponds, lakes, and streams. From there I will take you to "La Ruta de Lechon" for a late lunch at Andrew Zimmern's favorite place, as seen on the travel channel. Then back to your ship.


$75 per person cash only, minimum $225. Food and entrance fees not included.


Available Wednesday through Sunday.

or text (267)254-5555

Seven Seas Beach in Puerto Rico



This tour is designed to showcase one of the best of Puerto Rico's beaches, 7 Seas. This is one of Puerto Rico's blue beaches. It's rated because of safety, beauty, and cleanliness. 7 Seas is beautiful and safe to swim all year round. It has shade and full facilities. You can also snorkel. After drying off, we will take a scenic ride down the Beach Road, with ocean views all along the way. We will then stop for some traditional Puerto Rican food on the way back to San Juan.

$75 per person, cash only, $225 minimum. Food not included.

or text (267)254-5555
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